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Mariah Carey Beyonce Blige Carey Stun At Obama Ball

On Tuesday night (20Jan09) in the first Presidential Inaugural Ball open to the public. Am and characterized by a number of top stars in the world of pop, rock, country, RB and Hip-Hop. Stevie Wonder led a celebrity-studded jam Signed, Sealed, Delivered while Carey dedicated his hit Hero to the new U. C. I. S. MARIAH CAREY, MARY J BLIGE And BEYONCE wowed Washington, D. The celebration was launched by the District Ball will. Barack Obama president and his wife before the couple arrived Michelle to share their first dance like America First Couple.
22.1.09 14:22

Priestley Ready For 90210 Challenge

I have a lot of problems before me on this fire - it great, the actor and director told Entertainment Weekly. The star actor in the show that from 1990-2000, has not committed to joining colleagues from Beverly Hills pupils Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty in bringing his character to show. Although Jason Priestley won t be reprising his character 90210 Brandon Walsh on the new spin-off television series, the episode is soon to direct promises to be both challenging and dramatic. The incident is very ambitious, the production test. A woman goes to hospital, but I can say that no one is giving birth.
22.1.09 14:22

Couric Wonders If They Quot Re Celebrating In Gaza

S. President is inaugurated. These are people who do not have the inclination or the luxury of expectations, because their expectations were dashed many times. They ve been today, in particular, in the streets, trying to get their lives together. However, they have some hope for Barack Obama. Just as they built things, they hit again. As a president, who think that he can be a little different. CBS anchor Katie Couric wondering if the people of Gaza have been feeling of hope, now that a new U. . CBS correspondent Allen Pizzey replied: Well, Katie, here in Gaza, people haven t really paid much attention to the.
22.1.09 14:22

Paris Planning To Stay Single After Splitting From Benji

The Simple Life star and guitarist have remained good friends since breaking up after nine months in November last year. Even if Paris was only for two months, was said to be unprepared for a new boyfriend.. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is considering the opportunity to remain alone, after splitting from Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, according to find itself.
22.1.09 14:22

Racial Tension Is Subject Of Eastwood Quot Quot Gran Torino Quot

After nearly six decades of acting on the big screen, Clint Eastwood have. What is itAnd his ability to act and not only direct but to fascinate the public. And his ability to move us.. And his ability to touch the people who watch his films.
22.1.09 14:22


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